Ep. 8 — Ethical Dilemmas in Nonprofit Marketing with Tim Sarrantonio

We, marketers, walk around and look at everything around us from a marketing perspective. How this works and how that works. One type of marketing that is very prominent is nonprofit. But I didn’t realize the full extent of messiness in this “niche” until I spoke with Tim.

What kind of marketing is acceptable? Is it any different from quote-unquote usual marketing? Is it OK to A/B test images depicting war victims? How do people feel about spending donations on marketing? How do you balance transparency in marketing communication? There are many ethical concerns around marketing in the nonprofit sector and this is the topic of today’s episode.

Tim Sarrantonio is an internationally renowned speaker on generosity, technology, and the trends in the social good sector. After helping various causes raise over $3 million, he then moved into providing support for thousands of nonprofits through his work at Neon One. He has spoken at AFPICON, NTC, TEDx, and holds a Certificate in Philanthropic Psychology from the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy. He lives in Niskayuna with his lovely wife, three lovely daughters, and two perfectly fine cats.

Tim Sarrantonio on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/timsarrantonio/
Neon One — https://neonone.com/