Ep. 4 — Boundaries of Persuasion in Digital Marketing with Dries Cuijpers

In this episode, Mikhail and Dries talk about a big grey area of persuasion techniques in digital marketing, specifically in social proof, personalization, advertising, and nudging. We also discuss the current state of regulations on all these topics, the legal bottom line marketers must keep in mind, and more.

Dries is a lawyer and coordinator of the digital economy at the Consumer Division of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets. He has nearly 20 years of experience as an enforcement official in numerous economic sectors. He set up ACM’s Behavioural Insigths Team and managed the team for the first years. In recent years, he has worked at the OECD on consumer policy. He is a co-author of ACM’s Guidelines on the Protection of the Online Consumer.

Dries Cuijpers on LinkedIn
Authority for Consumers and Markets
Guidelines on the protection of the online consumer mentioned in the episode can be found here.