Ravit Dotan

Ep. 3 — Ethics of AI Marketing Tools with Ravit Dotan

In this episode Mikhail and Ravit talk about potential risks that AI marketing tools present, ethical use of AI tools in marketing, AI in content creation, how to evaluate the ethics of an AI tool, how to avoid making the world worse inadvertently, how to market an AI solution ethically, and more.

Ravit Dotan, PhD is a domain expert in AI ethics, specializing in moving AI ethics from talk to action and working in the private, academic, and non-profit sectors. She is VP of Responsible AI at The AI Responsibility Lab, where she scales and automates responsible AI. She is the Responsible AI Advocate at Bria.ai, where she is building and implementing the company’s responsible AI strategy. In addition, she consults, researches, writes, and speaks about AI ethics.

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