Ep. 1 — Manipulation and Dark Patterns with Colin Gray

In this episode Mikhail and Colin talk about dark patterns, different types of dark patterns and how marketers can recognize them, why companies use dark patterns, how to engage less in this type of manipulation, what to do if your company requires you to implement something you consider to be unethical and more.

Colin M. Gray is an Associate Professor at Purdue University in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology and Associate Professor (by courtesy) in Learning Design & Technology in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. They are program lead for an undergraduate major and graduate concentration in UX Design. They hold appointments as Guest Professor at Beijing Normal University and Visiting Researcher at Newcastle University.

Colin holds a PhD in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University Bloomington, a MEd in Educational Technology from University of South Carolina, and a MA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art & Design. They have worked as an art director, contract designer, and trainer, and their involvement in design work informs their research on design activity and how design capability is learned. Colin’s research focuses on the ways in which the pedagogy and practice of designers informs the development of design ability, particularly in relation to ethics, design knowledge, and learning experience. Their work crosses multiple disciplines, including human-computer interaction, instructional design and technology, design theory and education, and engineering and technology education.